Our Approach to New Work



Our approaches are implementation oriented. Ultimately, New Work is all about putting it into practice in the organization. To alter anything, people must be motivated to change. How do we do this?

New insights from the behavioral sciences show that a bundle of factors serves to achieve this: from meaningfulness to the play instinct.


Based on self-motivation and organizational added value: The innovation uses the individual goals specifically - be it more sovereignty in the job or increased impact. Only those convinced of it stay tuned.


Structured training programs and formats: The procedure is clear and well-structured. The exercises build on each other and progress is possible for everyone.


Exchange with colleagues and building a community: Colleagues act as mentors, mentees, or peers. They offer encouragement, inspiration, or help to stay focused.


Rapid progress through a personalized approach: Change must be understandable, meaningful, and feasible for everyone. Generic projects help no one.


Gamification and storytelling elements lead to better implementation effects: The play and competitive instincts are powerful motivating factors. We use these adapted for the target group.