Fitness Center for New Work


Fitness Center for New Work

The Fitness Center for Future Skills is an approach offered openly to groups or as a white-label approach for companies and investors. It helps not just to leave strategic projects and target images as theory on paper but to convert them into actual behavior within the organization. This is achieved by practicing the essential skills (Future Skills). To do this, the Fitness Center uses factors that motivate people to get up and practice sports.

Specific services within the Fitness Center are:

The approach can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. What is the basic procedure:

My Potential

At the start, your potential and the associated objectives are defined. Who could you be? Who do you want to be? Who will you be?
A clear vision of the future self is developed and operationalized into specific steps. These are trained in the workouts later in the program.


Future Skills are the central actions of your everyday work. Continuously developing them is crucial to unlocking your full potential - for your advancement and the success of your team and company. With distinctive skills, we become drivers of change in organizations and society.

Developing ideas and concepts, presenting them convincingly, and working effectively together are the basic skills. Others are added depending on the person, team, and organization. You can find out more about the skills included in the program here: Content – New Leadership. Or just contact us!


Each workout trains a specific skill. The next workout begins with a repeat of what was in the previous session. In this way, the participants themselves systematically develop their skills.

Examples of workouts are:

In the community sessions, the participants meet in small training groups to repeat the contents of the workouts. They are self-organized and therefore adapt to the availability of the participants.

The coaching sessions take place together with the moderators. Here the individual development process is reflected upon, and possible further measures are discussed.

The individual app training accompanies the entire process. Here the participants can set their own priorities and practice according to their interests, needs, and availability.