Our Story – The foundation of cAPPabilities



We have been working as trainers, mentors, and management consultants for many years. During that time, we have collaborated with the most diverse people, some of which, through their confidence, perseverance, and ability to inspire others, made lasting impressions on us.

We were so fascinated by these people that we were curious to discover the source of their creative power and charisma.

We made an important discovery: It is fundamentally all personal and social skills, such as creativity, motivation, cooperation, or communication, in addition to unique talents that enable these people to achieve extraordinary things. However, the decisive factor for their performance and charisma is that they are intrinsically driven towards continuously improve themselves and the said skills.

Working with these persons has been fulfilling and inspiring to us. We have seen, for example, how shy people have learned to present their ideas convincingly, using specific communication techniques. We have also witnessed how former individualists built a thriving team through proper leadership methods.

Having seen this and cognizant of the many individuals who have not reached their potential, we decided to form a company that supports others in harnessing their true capabilities. By doing so, they bring greater satisfaction and fulfillment into their lives and drive change around them.

First, we identified the key factors that motivate these particular people to develop. In combination with current scientific knowledge, we then integrated these into a digital-based approach and; set the goal of providing this mechanism of success to as many people as possible.

At the end of 2019, on this basis, we founded cAPPabilities. Since then, many people have joined our team to support us and our vision with their valuable knowledge and skills. Many thanks to Christopher, Eva-Maria, Lisi, Herbert, Moni, Paúl, Peter, Rosmary, Sindy, and Thoya for your commitment!

The cAPPabilities story has just begun. If you want to learn more about cAPPabilities and the people behind it, please contact us! We are always happy to hear from interesting and committed people!